Piramid Connections provides private labels for retailers and brands. We have many years of experience which makes us specialists in our job. T-shirts, sportswear, fast fashion, business clothing and everything in between, there is a variety of choices in all kinds of sizes. We have a close connection with our customers and suppliers which helps us to achieve the best results.

Corporate Social Responsibility is in the center of our business. We always aim for good working conditions, not only for ourselves but also for our partners. With that reason Piramid Connections only cooperates with suppliers that share our respect for people and environment. More frequently we’re working with organic cotton which helps us to lower the environmental impact. With all this, we gladly contribute to a more sustainable and better society.

Piramid Connections is a member of Modint which keeps us updated of technical demands, obligations and new developments in textiles.

The producing of clothing is not an effortless job. It contains a lot of different tasks. We are there to shape and execute your idea. From design till delivery and evaluation, we escort the whole process.













Earebel provides you with the ideal combination of a beanie and headphones in one unit. The beanies give your head and ears a comfortable warmth and the first-class sound quality is provided by AKG-headphones. Also answering telephone calls and track skipping in playlists is easy possible. Whatever you do, Earebel makes your activity something special!

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